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Margot Fass – The Frog Lady

Fass’ art and Rochester homes have been featured on tours and in local newspapers. Her works, including commissions, are in private collections in Rochester, Chicago and New York City.

After working for some years as a primitive painter, Fass studied art starting in the ‘70’s, taking all available classes at Monroe Community College. While teaching at the Creative Workshop at the Memorial Art Gallery and subsequently, she continued learning with Rochester artists Eric Bellman, Wendy Gwirtzman, Lynne Feldman, Christian Kolupski and currently with Steve Carpenter.

Fass is a founding member of the New York Figure Study Guild, through which she has taken workshops, most notably with Maukun Yim, Stephen Early and Darren Kingsley, Ellen Cooper, Scott Burdick and most recently, Charles Reid. Endangered species, including frogs, are among Fass’ passions.

At the Main Street Artists Gallery and Studio, which she recently joined, she is working on final paintings of illustrations for a children’s book called “Froggy Family’s First Frolic!.” She hopes this book will help her retire from her almost 30-year practice of psychiatry! Website: