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Drawing and painting are the only activities that bring me true peace and contentment, where I connect with something much greater than myself.

While I never had art formal training I took courses and workshops from local Rochester artists Sari Gabby, Marty Sweeney, and Carol Douglass and dabbled in painting. It was not until I retired from teaching and joined the Main Street Artists founded by Suzi Zefting-Kuhn in the Hungerford Building that I was able to devote more time to my art.

The group and the building are an amazing source of inspiration and synergy for me. I have taken workshops with Elizabeth Robbins, Liz Haywood- Sullivan, Robert Liberace, Susan Lyons, Michelle Dunaway, David Kassen and Jeff Hein working in pastel and oil, graphite and charcoal.

I craved more intense training and in 2014 began studying with Brian O’Neil. a successful and respected Rochester artist and teacher ( I have experienced not only a change and efficiency in the way I approach my own art but also the way I see. Rather than giving labels to my subjects such as this is a face, I now look for shapes and changes in value and color. I feel blessed to have found this type of instruction just at the point when I was ready for it. –

I am a member of the Western Society of Pastel Artists, the Greater Plein Painters of and a signature member of the Rochester Art Club